Fangirl Volume 2: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Fangirl Volume 2 is all set to release in May 2022. This epic Manga series is based on the novel of the same name written by Rainbow Rowell. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of its second volume. This fantastic series is not just read by Japanese audiences. Its popularity surpasses borders and extends globally. Read this article to know more about the release date of Fangirl Volume 2 and to get a brief overview, including spoilers, of it as well.

Fangirl Volume 2: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers Ahead. Fangirl Volume 2 revolves around Cath. Cath, unlike her twin sister, Wren, is an introvert. She struggles to make friends at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Wren, at the same time, is partying and enjoying her college life. Cath spends most of her time writing fan fiction regarding the Simon Snow series.

Eventually, Cath becomes distanced from Wren. Her mother had abandoned them a year ago. However, she is really enjoying writing her novel. She also becomes friends with one of her classmates, Nick. Her roommate Reagon and her friend Levi try to make her life better. Eventually, Levi admits that he is romantically interested in Cath.

Just when things seem to go a bit well, tragedy hits her. Cath’s father’s health worsens. She is forced to skip her exams to look after her father. Later, we see her getting reunited with her sister when Wren falls sick. There she is also reunited with her mother. Despite the harsh circumstances, Cath doesn’t give up and continues with her studies. As the struggles of Cath continue, this story develops into a remarkable talent of courage, persistence, bravery, stoicism, and resilience.

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Fangirl Volume 2: Major Characters

Cath- She is the main character of this epic series. She is an introvert who loves her father. She is also a great writer and resilient girl.

Fangirl Volume 2

Wren- She is Cath’s twin sister. Unlike Cath, she is an extrovert. She is not as nice as Cath and distances herself from Cath instead of trying to help her and make her life better.

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