Spiderman: No Way Home Topped Avatar on Box Office

Spiderman: No way home topped avatar on box office. No Way Home passes James Cameron’s Avatar to become the third highest-grossing movie at the domestic box office with a $760.9M gross.

No Way Home premiered in U.S. theaters on December 17 and managed to surprise all the fans with another blockbuster of the Marvel universe.

Released amidst the surging Omicron COVID-19 variant, Spider-Man was expected to reach 130 $ but it gave up to $260 million domestic debuts, the second-highest of all-time behind Avengers: Endgame.

No Way Home‘s incredible box office success continued long past its opening weekend. In less than a week, the MCU movie overtook “No Time to Die ‘as the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of the year worldwide. In just 12 days, No Way Home crossed the $1 billion thresholds, the only movie of the pandemic era to do so.

Until February 14, Avatar was the third highest-grossing domestic movie of all time with a $749.766 million haul in the United States and Canada. Well, James Cameron’s 2009 movie has moved to fourth place.

Spiderman : No way home topped avatar on box office

In the meantime, Tom Holland can next be seen playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted starting February 18. MCU fans are also excited for the next coming Marvel movie to see what else this superhero franchise is priming for the silver screen.

No Way Home has earned the most money since the pandemic, earning three times more than the next highest-grossing pandemic film, fellow MCU entry Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which brought in $224 million.

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It’s important to note that it took Avatar a total of nine months time and two special re-releases in 2010 and 2021 to gross $760.5 million domestically. On the other hand, it took No Way Home just two months to overtake it. This is quite a big deal and is also appreciated by fans.

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