The Orbital Children: Release Date and Read manga Online

The orbital children is a Japanese Manga series. It is a two-part Japanese anime action sci-fi series. It is written and directed by Mitsuo Iso.


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The Orbital Children: Highlights

This story was set in the year 2045 in outer space, where AI, the internet, and social networking sites are universal. A huge accident occurs on a recently or newly opened Japanese materialistic space station, and a group of children is left behind.

With no expectations of rescue from adults, their careline is a hardly surviving narrowband, a social network, a free budget application of low-intelligence AI, and a drone that is managed by a next-generation mobile device called “Smart”. Using these tools and with the help of AI, they take measures to survive and occur at the “true meaning” of a petrified prediction from the most talented AI in history.

The Orbital Children: Release Date

This series was released on 28th of January, 2022. This series consists of six episodes long. This series consists of 2 parts- the first part was released on January 28 and the second part was released on February 11, 2022. The music of this series is given by Rei Ishizuka.


The Orbital Children: Spoilers

Touya and Konoha, are the children who were born on the moon and are going through physical therapy on the Japanese space station “Anshin” with the focus of migrating to Earth, are caught up in the accident between the station and a comet, along with other children who have come to space from Earth, Taiyo, Mina, and Hiroshi.

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They are isolated from the adults, then they try to run away on their own from the station where the internet and oxygen supply have been disconnected.

Where to Watch the Manga Online

You can watch this series on the Netflix platform. In November 2021 Netflix announced that they have obtained the global distribution rights for this series.

Manga series are like Comics and comics never bore anyone. Manga series gained huge popularity during the lockdown period. People now prefer to watch manga series more.

Orbital children
Orbital children

The Orbital Children: Major Characters

  • Touya Sagami
  • Konoha Б Nanase
  • Taiyo Tsukuba
  • Mina Misasa
  • Hiroshi Tanegashima
  • Nasa Houston
  • Mayor Sagami
  • Isako Darmstadt Nobeyama
  • Kennedy Uchinoura Johnson
  • Anshinkun
  • Dakki

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