Lost Ark: How to Find Dalian Orchard Secret

A very well-kept secret and a million-dollar question of, The location of Dalian Orchard in Lost ark. So, How to Find Dalian Orchard Secret?


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How to Find Dalian Orchard Secret

As per the tradition of Contemporary MMO, Lost Ark usually tells its players where to be headed in order to complete a particular quest. However, there is one notable exception is the mission “Dalian Orchard’s Secret”, which drives the gamers to seek out a hidden warehouse with only context clues. Alternatively, you could always turn to a guide much like this one.

Before we can start the search mission for the Dalian Orchard’s storehouse, we need Connie’s orchard storage key, which is a random drop in the flowering Orchard area in the west if Sien Inn. we must just keep farming those mobs, specifically the orchards keepers until you find it. Then in the next step, use the key to accept the quest, now this is where the actual fun starts.

The quest description states that you are looking for a locked warehouse on the Northside of the orchard. Though it sounds easy except, as before it was stated, the warehouse is not marked on the maps.[How would it had been such a secret, if everyone knew about it.?] also the Northside of the orchard is large, so it’s not like the hint that the game bothers to give you is all that useful in one go.

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The task sounds intimidating,  especially when given the sheer count of players who cannot find the warehouse. While it may feel like the game is going out of its way to put an early roadblock in your way, this quest is actually far easier than it actually looks.

To search the warehouse in question with relatively few problems, start at Sien Inn or any nearby Triport. Next head towards the north direction, Take the way that leads you to the northwest and keep walking in that direction. You may need to weave around some fences and angry trees or else the path is straightforward once you reach this point.

Final Steps to Get Dalian Orchard Secret

If you have followed the above instructions carefully, you should be at the dead end now. on the map, It looks like a nub of a nook placed halfway between two larger, bulbous nooks. This dead-end should have a shack built into the wall. If yes, then Hurrah, that’s the warehouse you have been looking for. Simply walk on it, then Talk to the NPC inside and make sure to claim your quest rewards.

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