Ohio Mayor Resigns Following Ice Fishing Statement

Ohio mayor resigns. The mayor of a small city in Ohio resigned on Monday after he recommended that allowing ice fishing could lead to prostitution.

Ohio Mayor Resigns: Highlights

Hudson Craig Shubert, the mayor of Ohio, who has made national headlines or news twice with unexpected comments since his wife died in September too soon, said his statements add to dry and funny jokes replied by political rivals.

Ohio mayor Resigns: Full Story

Mayor Shubert cross-examined the proposal of permitting ice fishing, which he framed could come with accompanying shelter, at Tuesday’s City Council meeting or program.
He said, “If you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem — prostitution.”

Ohio Mayor

He enlightened the city of his instant resignation on Monday in a short or brief letter to City Council clerk Aparna Wheeler, which was photocopied to Christopher W. Foster, the council president.
Shubert, who was elected in November 2019, made the statement while talking about an appeal to permit the residents to go ice fishing in the city.

The Mayor also declared a statement to the public on his campaign website, which includes the following passage:

“My comments at Tuesday’s workshop were made out of concern for our community; what could become of unintended consequences of new legislation, based on my prior television news reporting experience. My attempt to inject a bit of dry humor to make a point about this, in the midst of a cold, snowy February, was grossly misunderstood.”

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He said the opposition has used the statements to take part in “personal destruction by means of character assassination, blaming me for the negative international press they helped to promote.”

Mayor Shubert is a former journalist who has served and worked for The Associated Press and he also appeared as a reporter and TV anchor on television according to a site of his own which is now not working or which means you cannot access that site now.

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