Black Ice And Other Weather Forecast for Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s stint of spring has departed and the temperature has started to plummet. The cold has returned after the sudden end of a short-lived spring. The temperatures dropped on Sunday night dramatically and according to CBS Philly, it will be a lot colder than expected on Monday and Tuesday as well.


Black Ice Problems

Around 2 to 5 inches of snow fell in Upper Berks, Berks, Upper Montgomery, and Lehigh Valley. Temperatures were above freezing point in the I-95 corridor along with South Jersey. About half an inch to 1.5 inches of snow fell in these areas.

Although main roads were wet, other areas such as walkways, driveways, and grassy patches were covered with snow. The driveways, walkways, and side roads will be frozen as the Sunday night temperatures will drop in the 20s. Such low temperatures will be cause for concern due to the presence of black ice. On top of low temperatures, winds will also increase.

The Rest of the Week

On Monday morning, the cold will be unbearable and the temperatures all across the Poconos will be in the single digits. Although the sun will be out and about, the sunshine won’t make much of an impact on the temperature. The scale will show a temperature in the low 30s accompanied by wind chills sitting in the teens for the majority of the afternoon.

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Tuesday will graph a temperature in the upper 30s and near 40 along with the sunshine. Wednesday might see a sunny sky with the temperature charting around the 50s. It will further rise onto the lower 60s on Thursday but it might be accompanied by some rain to re-establish the cold weather.

On Friday, the temperature will once again cede to the winter. It can be expected to be in the neighborhood of the 30s and 40s resembling Tuesday. Citizens might see a gap of 20 to 30 degrees between Thursday and Friday.

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