2 Suspects Arrested for Shooting New Mexican Police

In New Mexico, two accused persons were arrested and filed a case for shooting a Mexican state police officer by authorities of Mexican. 

State police revealed the details of suspects in shooting state police officers in Mexico. They are Dustin Elledge and Alanna Martinez.

Know More About Suspects

State authorities have been searching for these suspects after the shoot. Finally, they were identified and caught by police on Saturday in a home at a place called McIntosh.

On Saturday at a News conference, Tim Johnson state police chief said that three fire guns have been recovered. But still no clarity wheater at least one among three guns was used for shooting or not.

State Police also said in their report that Elledge is about 24 years old and he was charged with criminal cases previously. Elledge committed the most violent crimes against police officers, falsified evidence of several cases, exacerbating police officers.

He was also charged for having firearms or explosive materials or destructive devices. He was accused of causing criminal damage to property. He was charged with intentional assault. Authorities said. The second suspect 22 years old Martinez also had some charges against him as he is feeling guilty of detaining or supporting a criminal.

The Albuquerque Journal told that Elledge had been escaped from police for several months after removing his ankle monitor. So logically he was one run at the time of the shooting hence he was treated as one of the suspects.

After pursuing a vehicle that collided with his police car. Police officers were shot dead on the highway east of Albuquerque. He was shot when the two suspects got out of the car.

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According to the report of journal, Elledge said to Mexican police that he didn’t want to go back to jail and reportedly fired at least eight ammunition to police officers. According to Johnson, the injured lieutenant on Saturday discharged from the hospital and returned to his family, safely. Still his name was not revealed to public.

Lieutenant was shot repeatedly at one side of his neck most probably at his chest. As per the medical reports and doctors’ statements it is clear that he is out of danger. He can be  recovered completely journal said.

Extending the statement journal also said still there no clarity about having a lawyer for suspects who argue on behalf of Elledge and Martinez. Will wait and watch what will happen in this case.

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