Games Workshop Increases Warhammer Price: Blames Inflation

In response to current events, Games Workshop have officially announced an increase in prices for some of their Warhammer products, furthermore, blaming it on inflation.

Warhammer Price

As the Warhammer price surged due to inflation, Games Workshop decided to apply it to their Warhammer products as well. The new costs will be applied to sets and models like Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and Blood Bowl, including Books too. However, accessories such as brushes, paints, and other tools would see no change in prices and remain unaffected.

warhammer products

Prices of products will mostly see a surge by 5% to 20%. Books, resin models and scenery’s prices could rise up to 10%. But metal figures and teams for Brutal Warhammer Fantasy Game Blood Bowl will double the initial rise, and can go up to 20%.

The changes will take effect from next month, March 7, 2022. The range of prices will vary according to different products and their demand. While this will greatly affect the US, UK and European market, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand will witness no change in the prices.

Games Workshop on Increase in Price

In addition to the change in Warhammer price, Games Workshop stated in their post on their Warhammer Community Webpage, “You can hardly pick up a newspaper or see a headline today without mentioning rising costs.

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” Further, they added, blaming inflation, “Electricity, gas, raw materials, shipping – inflation is abroad in the land and we’re not immune to its effects.” However, we aren’t sure if these changes will be back to normal once inflation effects have subsided.

warhammer products

Inflation has been a matter of long time. These changes are put into effect mostly due to rising costs, going back to shipping problems that may fluctuate and may lead to delays. Last month, Games Workshop stated that their profit decreased by 4% even though there was a 3% increase in annual sales. Nevertheless, their stock price has made a good recovery after its downfall in January.

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