No Roll Backs in Masking and Testing, Says CDC’s Walensky

The director of CDC, Dr. Rochelle Welensky has recently stated that the US is not ready to “roll back” the COVID 19 requirements. These requirements include masking and testing; the testing also includes for the inbound travelers to the country.

Why are the Requirements not Rolled Back?

According to yahoo!finance, Dr. Rochelle Walensky has stated that although the hospitalization rate in the country was on the down low, the problem hadn’t been quite eradicated. In her words, “We’re not quite ready to do so yet,” in regards with the masking and testing mandates. In the wake of the new omicron variant it is important to follow the COVID guidelines and the new variant serves as a testament in following the necessary protocols.

Walensky stated, “We always need to be prepared for what may come around the corner.” On behalf of the CDC, Walensky had the following to say: “[The] CDC has not amended our guidance right now.

We continue to recommend masking in schools for everyone. We continue to recommend masking in public indoor settings, in areas of higher substantial transmission — and that right now is everywhere in the country.”

Due to masking policies, 96% of the children are in schools and masking has allowed them to be there safely, she added.

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Effect on the Travel Industry.

According to yahoo!finance, the U.S. imposed a stricter rule on overseas travellers to test negative within a day of their flights. Due to this imposition, airlines have been asking the White House for a roll back in their testing requirements.

Walensky says that the CDC is aware of the economic impact on the travel industry by the virus. However, it is also important to note that since the world is still learning about the virus it is important to follow the necessary rules for respiratory viruses and be cautious.

“The standard principles remain the same — the more ventilation the better. We know that masking works, and we know if you can wear a better fitting mask, the better.” She said. On a positive note, she said,”We are looking toward a time when we are out of this crisis mode, that we are living with this disease.”

All in all, there should not be any rolling back of masks and other testing requirements as the amount of COVID patients is still perched at a towering spot.

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