Agravity Boys Volume 6: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Agravity Boys Volume 6 will release on 26th April 2022. Agravity boys is a Japanese manga series written by Atsushi Nakamura.  It has collected 7 volumes on July 2021.  This manga is also digitally published in English.

Agravity Boys Volume 6: Highlights

This manga is a science fiction comedy manga Four young astronauts head out to the stars to find humanity’s new frontier…or so they thought! Two days after they depart, the earth is devoured by a black hole!

Plunged into a destiny they cannot escape, these unique young men reach their destination of Alpha Jumbro and plan to live out the rest of their lives there.

Agravity Boys Volume 6

Agravity Boys Volume 6:  Release date

The new volume of this series will release on 26th April 2022.

Where to read manga online?

If you are a story or fiction lover reading manga is a  must. One can read manga on its official website. However, there are also many other platforms and websites available on google.

Agravity Boys volume 6: Major character

Chris Erwitt is a member of the team. He serves as the group’s doctor. He is naturally kind, cheerful and friendly, but sometimes becomes exasperated with the antics of his friends.

Geralt zeman

Geralt was considered the top scientific genius at the academy. He seeks interesting scientific curiosities even if it is impractical or dangerous, sometimes resulting in backfiring situations that he unwisely placed himself.

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Saga is hot-blooded and passionate. He has the messiest room out and is regarded as the least intelligent of the manga. He is a heavy sleeper. Like the other people in team, he will risk his life to save his friends.


Baba enjoys tinkering with machines. He is proud of both his engineering skills and his muscles. He is stubborn and sometimes suspicious that people are thinking of him sexually. He considers himself the most mature of the group.


She is an android and member of the Project Jörð. They arrived on α-Jumbro about a month after the boys did. One of Leeta’s roles is to perform inspections of Grislow’s ship.

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