Gowdy Questioned Biden on Supreme Court Justice

On the show “Sunday night in America ” host Trey Gowdy questioned Biden on the supreme court justice pledge. Recently, Biden confirmed that he will nominate a black female to replace justice Stephen Breyer.

Gowdy raised many questions against Biden and asked him why a qualified deserving person is not nominated. He even says “there is a difference between picking someone who is supremely qualified and happens to Black, and picking someone because she is Black.”

Gowdy said that Biden wanted to make a political point by specially mentioning black women. He could have just said that he will choose a qualified person, which would definitely include black females.

He gave the example of Michelle Childs from South Carolina and mentioned that everybody praised her work.  She was worthy out of all candidates because she was qualified not because she was black.

Where some people are criticizing this thing and referring to it as a form of “quota”.  on the other hand, some are also praising it. Saying it will crash the patriarchy of white man.

Gowdy questioned Biden on supreme court justice

However, this is a long history of presidents taking race, sex, color into consideration for nomination of important vacancies. For example Regan’s promise to nominate first woman in the supreme court 40 years ago.

Biden recognized  this point when he explained during his campaign that the Supreme Court “should look like the country.”  He wants court to represent America as it is. No doubt this is considered “unnecessary “, “illogical ” and even “offensive ” to some people.

There are approximately 25,000 Black female attorneys in America. There is every reason to believe that President Biden’s nomination process will benefit by focusing on that extraordinary group for the next justice of the United States Supreme Court.

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No one knows what the future holds. Joe might regret the act or even prove his point time will tell that.

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