Los Angeles Residents are Suffering Under Hefty Bills Levied by Electricity Company

Reports have come up from Las Vegas proclaiming that about a hundred million people are under winter weather alert due to the harsh winter season at this time. Moreover, people have been using electric heaters for warming their homes, and that is being thought to lead to rise in supply-and-demand issues for natural gas, and that will cause problems like hefty electricity bills for the public. Read this article to find out more about the high gas prices being levied on the people of Las Vegas, even for regular usage of electricity, in this article!

Los Angeles Residents are voicing their plight by talking to the media

Already, a few local residents have been charged rather heavily for their electricity usage. The overly priced bills have taken aback many Southwest Gas Company customers who said their bills demanded double or triple the amount they are used to paying under normal circumstances. But this problem has not come up out of anywhere.

In November of last year, Southwest Gas had warned its customers of such a plight as they were expecting the cost for natural gas to go up this winter, and it did. The market price of natural gas soared by 16% on Wednesday, and this cost was an all-time high ever since last November.

Expert analysts have observed the situation amd they are saying that the weather forecasts are to blame for this sudden rise. The weather department has said there are some major storms on their way to the coasts which will bring snow and ice to the land, causing logistical problems like transport, manufacturing and delivery.

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Southwest Gas Company is Always Trying to Help its Customers in Unconventional Ways

When we interviewed some of the local residents about their grievances, one of them came up to talk about their ongoing problems. Ashley Vidoli said the unimaginable price hike had made a huge impact on her budget. Now, ahe has to look over every little thing she sends money on because she just can’t live without a gas supply for her cooking and room heater needs.

But all hope is not lost. While Southwest cannot help this high price hike, they have guided their users to look for alternate energy-sustainable methods to cut down on the cost. They recommend the customers to set the daytime thermostat between 65 and 68 degrees and lower it at night.

The air filters should be cleaned daily, and any cracks in the windows have to be plastered for efficient usage. The Gas Company has also come up with a hotline service and a website where the customers can find suitable information on this for their own help.

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