The Southwest Gas Price Hike: Why and What to do?

In winters, it is obvious that gas is an essential tool to deal with the dropping temperatures and recently, the customers of The Southwest Gas Company saw a hike in its prices. The customers are obviously in a state of consternation and wish to receive answers from the utility-based company. To find out the reaction of the customers and the response of the company keep reading further.

The Customer Opinion

According to 8NewsNow, the customers of the Southwest Gas Company are greatly dissatisfied because of the price hike with Michelle Mcneil, a customer saying, “It’s really hard right now.”

Antonella Russo, another customer said, “The bills, the power, the gas, it’s everything,” and “It’s all going up.” he added. Russo also said that since the gas was the cheapest, the sudden increase was described as “crazy”.

The Company’s Response.

According to 8NewsNow, the Southwest Gas company, in its defense justified the hike in the prices with the following statement:-

“Southwest Gas (Company) understands customers may be experiencing natural gas bills which are higher than expected.  The increase in customer bills is likely due to natural gas price increases between 2020 and 2021 as well as increased natural gas usage during the winter months. Southwest Gas purchases natural gas on behalf of its customers, with no profit to the Company. Money-saving conservation tips can be found on the Company’s website at swgas.com. Southwest Gas also encourages customers to take advantage of its Equal Payment Plan (EPP) which helps make monthly bills more predictable throughout the year.”

The Energy Information Administration has informed that the overall supply issues have resulted in the price hike to be a third higher than last time the same year.

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Southwest Gas told 8 News Now that it warned its customers to expect a price hike in November by 30% in the winter months. There has been a great deal of dissatisfaction among the customers regarding the same, accompanied with the claims that the hike has been more than their prediction.

What to do

According to the Southwest Gas Website, the company encourages its customers to log in and learn more about their usage by calling: 877-860-6020.

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