The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: US to Deploy Troops.

After weeks of threats and vocal warnings regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States of America has finally decided to take action. The USA recently told the media that it is going to deploy its troops in Eastern Europe. This is probably to prevent Russian troops from making their way into Europe. The Pentagon has stated that these troops are being deployed to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the NATO nations and not to defend Ukraine.

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In recent months the presence of the Russian troops have increased in the Russia-Ukraine border.  This is what has given rise to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In the wake of this potential conflict, oil prices have soared across the world.

For months, several countries have been making statements requesting both nations to maintain peace. The USA has previously warned Russia to not invade Ukraine. One of the primary reasons why the USA is so concerned with this Russian invasion is because Ukraine can act as a door for the Russian forces into Europe.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Most European nations had earlier entered into an agreement with the United States to create the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As per this agreement, an attack against any one member of NATO, would be construed as an attack against all its members. Due to this agreement, the USA has been given permission to host its troops in several European nations such as Germany, Romania etc.

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Russia has been opposing Ukraine’s attempts to join NATO. Interestingly, Ukraine was once a part of Russia. They were two of the constituents of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Ukraine received independence in 1991. Russia had previously invaded Ukraine in 2014 as well. Experts are expecting an invasion on a larger scale this time.

Such invasive steps which hurt the independence of any nation must be condemned. The international community must come together to ensure that there is peace in this world. Whatever may be the difference between Russia and Ukraine, they must be resolved peacefully.

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