Guns in Courthouse: Judges Fear For Safety

The board commissioners of Nye country voted in December to allow guns in most of the county’s courthouses, but the judges tell the 8- News now I-team that this decision will cause trouble in the future.


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 Guns in Courthouse: Highlights

The board commissioners voted for the allowance of guns in the courthouse which brings a sense of fear for the judges who decide their fate in the courtroom.

There was a meeting on the 16th of December in which the board of commissioners with one mind voted to abolish a judicial order banning firearms in the Ian Deutch Government Complex, which houses both the Fifth Judicial District Court and the Pahrump Justice Court.

Allows guns
Allows guns

Guns in the Courthouse: Full story

The judges fear for their safety after the allowance of guns in the courthouse. The county owns the building. The judiciary runs the courtrooms.

Kim Wanker, the district court judge feared for her safety after this decision of board commissioners. She said to the 8- News Now I- team, “I am certain it’s an incident waiting to happen,” she said. “It’s not if it happens, it’s when it happens.”

There is also no security or any sort of safety measures at the main entrance which lead the way to the district attorney’s office and to the clerk. The board commissioners of the country said they control the halls.

Board commissioners

Judge Wanker’s courtroom is through a set of double doors which is straight from the building’s lobby.  She is thinking of setting up a metal detector at the courtroom door.

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The judges also walk or enter through the same door as the people.

In the interview Wanker’s said, “We have a joke here, They finally approved the lighting to come in the front door. My staff laughs and says, ‘Judge we’re so glad that they improved the lighting because now when they shoot from the dark parking lot, they’ll be sure to get you and not us.’”

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