Dozens are Hospitalized in a Buenos Aires , Argentina Due to Adulterated Cocaine

About 20 people died and Dozens are hospitalized in Buenos Aires, Argentina due to adulterated cocaine. Opioids in a substance that is said to be possibly mixed with the drug which resulted in the death of dozens.

However, it is not confirmed yet but the Officials in charge have warned people to dispose of it if bought. They have urged people to not consume it in no case for 24 hours.

Dozens are hospitalized in a Buenos Aires , Argentina due to adulterated Cocaine

Sergio Berni, the security chief for Buenos Aires, told in an interview that they are trying to locate the toxic substance. He also said that the poisonous substance is attacking the nervous system. This is the reason it is fatal to human beings.

Police believe that the cocaine was sold in the poor Tres de Febrero neighborhood. They arrested about 10 people from there. Further investigation is going on. Packets which were found in victims’ places were similar to what police found there.

The drugs were taken to a laboratory in La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires province, for analysis. The authorities have also warned all the hospitals around. About three hospitals have already reported similar cases.

Most of the victims were not able to breathe and their eyes were rolled out. There was nothing but a miracle that could have saved them. Reports also said that victims suffered convulsions and sudden heart attacks.

The reason of all this is still not clear. Judicial officials said the main hypothesis being considered was that the cocaine was intentionally adulterated as part of a settling of scores between traffickers. As time passed the no. Of cases kept growing.

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Cocaine (hydrochloride) is a highly addictive stimulant extracted from the leaves of coca plants and is generally snorted. The main motive of Argentina police is to remove the product from the market before it is sold. Officials hope they never see it again.

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