Animal Crossing: New Horizons Volume 2: Manga Released Date and Read Online

Here is everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons Volume 2: Manga Release date and read online.

This game was originally released in 2020 in japan. New Horizons is one of the most popular titles on the Nintendo Switch right now.

New Horizons Volume 2: Highlights

New Horizons is a life simulation game played in real-time. Weather also adjusts to the seasons of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, depending on the player’s real-world location, a first for the Animal Crossing series.

New Horizons Volume 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, fans cannot expect a new game to be released soon. However, the producers have confirmed that it will release till February 2024.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Vol. 2: Manga Released Date and Read Online

Where Can You Read Manga Online?

Managa reading is a must for fiction lover people. One can read manga on its official website .however there are many other online platforms and websites like webtoons.com and readmanga.com.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Major Character


Beppe ​is a character in New Horizons Volume 2 which includes  Pocket Camp, co-operating OK Motors, alongside Giovanni and Carlo.


Blanca is a faceless cat for whom the player can make a face for when she appears. In previous games, she may ride the train with the player and tell them that she was washing her face, and it got erased


C.J.rake the role that Chip had in the previous games. He runs the fishing tournaments on the player’s island C.J. is the blue-eyed beaver. He has visible freckles and pronounced eyebrows. He has yellow hair.

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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a character in New Horizons Volume 2 a boar who takes on the role Joan had in previous games, selling turnips to players. She is a small, orange boar and has brown hair styled in straight bangs. Small curls peek out of her white headscarf.

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