Shooting at Virginia College: Two Officers Killed

Adding on to the series of mass shootings in the USA, a shooting at Virginia College was reported on Tuesday in the USA. The suspect, Alexander Wyatt Campbell, is presently under police custody. He has been charged with four felonies. Campus police officer John Painter and campus safety officer JJ Jefferson were the two officers who were shot. Various media channels and politicians across the world have criticized this incident and called upon the Government to take actions to prevent such attacks in the future.

How the Shooting at Virginia College Turned Out

John Painter and JJ Jefferson received a call regarding a suspicious person in the area of the private college. They responded to the call and went to check it out. After a brief interaction, the suspect opened fire on the two officers. He then fled the spot on foot. Campbell crossed the North River through a path where the water was quite shallow and reached an island. The suspect was then apprehended by the other police officers.

The suspect had also sustained some bullet injuries. He was sent for treatment. The police stated that one of the two officers who were shot, John Painter, was carrying a gun. These shootings in college institutions are very detrimental for the mental peace of students. They must be stopped. Several lives were lost in this shooting. Such shootings have become quite common in the United States of America. With this the debate regarding the gun laws has once again taken the front stage.

The USA has some of the most liberal gun laws. Many experts blame these liberal laws for these frequent shootings. In fact, enforcing stricter gun laws was one of the key political issues in the 2020 general election held in the USA. It remains to be seen if the USA will finally enforce stricter gun laws.

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