Painter of the Night Chapter 95: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The expected release date of the Painter of the Night Chapter 95 is said to be the 5th of February, 2022. Painter of the Night Chapter 95 has fans waiting, curious and excited. The series is infamous among manga lovers. Let’s discuss the release date and platform to read for Chapter 95.

Painter of the Night (Yahwacheop) is an adult Yaoi historic drama comic series, with a tinge of romance. Byeonduck is the writer and illustrator of the beautiful series. The comic was published through Lezhin Comics on 14 May 2019 in 3 languages; Korean, Japanese, and English. The series is currently ongoing. It even ranked first in ‘Best BL Lezhin Award 2019’.

Painter of the Night Chapter 95: Highlights

Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent for painting. Since he was a kid, he drew erotic images of men, however, he did so under a pseudonym. But it’s been a good time since he quit painting. Seungho is an infamous nobleman, known for his notorious insatiable lust. He forces Na-kyum to draw erotic paintings for him despite his reluctance to do so, and become his own painter. Though, Na-kyum is unaware of the nights that await him.

Painter of the Night Chapter 95: Release Date

Chapter 95 of the series has kept fans in a dilemma of what would happen next. The expected release date of the upcoming chapter 95 is said to be 5th of February, 2022.

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painter of the night chapter 95

Painter of the Night Chapter 95: Spoilers

The spoilers for Chapter 95 have not been revealed yet. However, in Chapter 94, Na-kyum tells Seungho more about his past. Though when he mentions the scholar, Seungho tells him not to speak of him in front of him. He gets a little flustered when Na-kyum confesses that he adores him, and the moon reminds him of Lord Seungho.

Where can you Read the Manga Online?

This manga is available in three languages on the website of Lezhin Comics. We advise you not to read from illegal sites, and support the author by reading from the official site.

painter of the night chapter 95

Painter of the Night Chapter 95: Major Characters

  • Yoon Seungho – Seungho is an impatient nobleman, known for his bad temper and promiscuity. He wants Na-kyum to create paintings of him and other men being intimate by any means.
  • Baek Na-kyum – Na-kyum is a terrific painter when it comes to erotic acts, though he does so under a pen name. After being brought to Seungho’s, he is forced to paint the same, even after he quit a long time ago.
  • Lee Jihwa – Jihwa is the person that Seungho gets intimate with. He is furious with jealousy, wondering whether Seungho enjoys being with him or seeing Na-kyum paint them.
  • In-hun – Seungho keeps him captive after knowing that Na-kyum knows him. He uses him as bait for Na-kyum to continue painting.
  • Yoon Seung-won – Seung-won is the younger brother of Lord Yoon Seungho.
  • Meumyong – He is a street beggar, that works as an assassin sometimes. His operation involves Na-kyum as the target.
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