Is it True That Harry Styles Signing for the MCU, and Appearing in the Marvel Eternals.

Harry Styles, the winner of the Grammy debut award of 2021 is likely to be rumored to make a guest role in the Marvel Eternals. 

Harry Styles is currently engaging in his upcoming movie ‘Policeman’; a gay love story that will be on screen next year. 

As we all know the famous boy Band before BTS is obviously- One Direction making their way. And according to some reports stated that Harry Styles is all set to join the MCU in September last year 2020. There is so much conjecture on his part in the MCU, which could be in the Eternals?

Harry Styles Appearance in the MCU Eternals:

For more than one year, the Harry Styles’ stans are figuring out which movie would Harry sign on and now, it looks The Eternals is the big catch. The Big question was raised when Harry Styles started to follow Richard Madden on Instagram in 2019. Richard Madden is set to play the role of Ikaris in Marvel The Eternals in 2020.

So conspicuous, Harry Styles is in touch with Richard makes something in common and that is “The Eternals”. Back in September 2020, Kris Tapley writer commented on Twitter saying “About Harry Styles, no one knows he’s in”. 

Is It Spurious or True About Harry Styles in The Eternals?

Rumors accumulated like a fire in the forest, where people started making things about Harry Styles’ roles in the Marvel Eternals; if it is true. It is assumed that Harry Styles would be playing Thanos’ Brother Starfox in The Eternals. Moreover, people are enthralled to see Harry Styles in an IRL hero. 

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But Things turned out when the teaser was out where there is no encounter of Harry Styles. Sadly, the appearance of Harry Styles in the MCU Eternal is spurious and counterfeit. 

On 24th May 2021, Marvel Entertainment released the MCU Eternals where we see two worlds- immoral beings and Deviants are fighting for something. The production jointly formed a combat crew in the Eternals- starring Kit Harrington, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Millie Bobby, and Kumail Nanjiani. The MCU Eternal is set to screen on 4th November 2021, which is directed by Chloe Zhao.

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