Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80 has been in the talks among fans. They can’t get enough of the chemistry between the main characters of the series. It is scheduled for 2022. For the Chapter 80, no official date has been confirmed.

Uzaki Chan wa Asobitai is a Japanese manga with a slice of life, romance and comedy. The storyline and illustration are by author Take. It has seven volumes that are published by Fujimi Shobo. It started airing on 01 December, 2017, and is currently ongoing. The series was adapted into anime by ENGI, which aired from July to September 2020. They are working on season 2 and it will be on the screens in 2022.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Highlights

When Hana meets his high school swimming club member Shinichi again in college, she is taken aback by his quiet demeanor and loner lifestyle. Shinichi gets annoyed when Hana starts accompanying him everywhere, making him the front of embarrassments and face palms. Hana’s antics prove to be never ending; however, Shinichi doesn’t know anything else but to tolerate her stupid ways to have fun. Soon enough, their happy times progress into something more beautiful.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Release Date

Fans of the series seem to be very excited as the news of the anime’s season 2 has been announced. It is scheduled for 2022. For the Chapter 80, no official date has been confirmed.

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uzaki chan chapter 80

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Spoilers

In the last episode of Season 1, we could see Shinichi being shy and confessing that he wants to hang out with Uzaki always, and he wants them to be together. The not-so subtle blush that creeped up on Uzaki’s cheeks showed that Uzaki likes Shinichi too. Though the confession held more of a comedic element, fans seem too hyped up for season 2.

Where can we read the manga online?

This manga can be read online on Funimation, as well as Amazon. We would not advise you to watch on illegal sites.

uzaki chan chapter 80

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Major Characters

  • Hana Uzaki – Hana is a bubbly and chirpy girl, with a short height. She is outgoing and likes to have fun. It’s no wonder she starts hanging out with Shinichi despite him wanting to be left alone.
  • Shinichi Sakurai – Shinichi has an athletic physique and great work ethic, which is why he is popular in the cafe he works at. His quiet aura, comes off as intimidating and scary so girls prefer to stay away. Well, not Hana!
  • Ami Asai – Shinichi and Hana’s friend that works at her father’s cafe. She witnesses both of their relationship progress with time.
  • Itsuhito Sakaki – Itsuhito is Shinichi’s friend that is popular among girls, great at sports, and watches his friend’s relationship with Hana grow into something more.
  • Akihiko Asai – Ami’s father that joins his daughter looking over Hana’s and Sakurai’s relationship.
  • Tsuki Uzaki – Hana’s mother. She assumes Shinichi likes her daughter when she sees him the first day.
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