Hollywood Needs to Start Making these Genres Again

Hollywood has one of the widest ranges when comes to movies. Hollywood has made movies on each and every genre in its lifetime and furthermore, they are trying to do so. Some of them became hit and others failed miserably. But they don’t stop. They are always trying new things and ty new genres. But Hollywood has stopped making movies in some genre that were actually good enough to watch. And that’s what we are talking about today. Genres that need to come back to Hollywood because they were good.


The musical is one of the rarest genres in Hollywood. There were quite some movies back in the day but now it’s like there is no movie in this genre. La La Land came after a long time and really showed the potential of musicals in Hollywood. It won many awards in cinematography, acting, music, and direction. The musical can be family-friendly, which most of them are. Disney movies have many songs but we can’t say the movies to be musical precisely.


There was this whole wave of western movies in Hollywood in the 1900s which was a great phase of it. There were some amazing cowboy movies. Recently Tarantino showed us with two movies that there is still potential in westerns and Hollywood should make them. Cowboys and Aliens was also a sort of western but it failed at the box office. It had potential if it was in the hands of a good reasonable director.

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I just love this genre. It always has a great potential in storytelling. It’s the type of genre where something terrible happens at the start of a story like murder and we don’t know the killer until in the end, our protagonist reveals him/her. Recently two movies showed great potential in reviving the genre. Those two movies are Murder on the Orient Express by Kenneth Brannagh and Knives Out by Rian Johnson. But the difficult part of these movies is their script, It’s hard to write these types of scripts.

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