Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The release date for Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180 is February 3rd. This epic series is also known as Fly Me To The Moon.

It is written by Kenjiro Hata. The first chapter of this series was released in the Weekly Shonen Magazine of Japan in 2018. Several games and television series have been inspired by it. Read this article to find out the release date of the Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180  and to get a brief overview including spoilers about this epic series.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers ahead. The story revolves around the life of a young girl called Tsukasa Tsukuyomi.  One day Nasa Yuzaki meets a beautiful girl named. Immediately, he is attracted to her. As he tries to talk to Tsukasa, he is distracted by her beauty. In his distraction, he manages to get hit by a truck. While is saved by the girl, his feelings for her deepens. Despite his injuries, he ,manages to follows her to the bus stop and confesses his love for her.

To his delight, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi agrees to be his girlfriend. However, she states one condition. Nasa would have to marry her first. Only then they can have some sort of relationship. Nasa eventually decides not to go to High School to look for her.

On his 18th birthday, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi shows at his doorstep and reminds in of their conversation at the bus stop. She gives him a marriage form. Thus, begins their relationship. This series is one of the most legendary and popular Japanese Manga series. It is a remarkable tale of love, adventure, friendship, and kindness.

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Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180: Release Date

The release date for Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180 is February 3rd.

Where to read Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 180

There are several websites that allow you to read Tonikaku Kawaii. We respect the intellectual rights of the authors and encourage our readers to read Manga from only official sources.

Tonikaku Kawaii : Major Characters

Nasa Yuzaki- A young boy with an extraordinary name and unnatural powers. He has a strange name similar to that of American space agency NASA.

Tsukasa Tsukuyomi- The main lead of the series. She is a mysterious and  beautiful girl. Throughout the story we see several similarities being drawn between Princess Kaguya and her.

Chitose Kaginoji- She is an adopted sister of Tsukasa. She is jealous of her marriage and disapproves of Nasa.

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