Viral Sex Tape of Pam and Tommy #metoo lens: Everything You Want to Know

The viral sex tape of pam and Tommy was leaked by their contractor Seth Rogen. This is a true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Their private video was stolen from their house. Now, there is a romantic series based on this video.

Viral Sex Tape of Pam and Tommy: Highlights

This is an upcoming American romantic biographical drama web series based on real life viral video of Pam and Tommy. The series stars lily James and Sebastian Stan in the main lead. The story revolves around a musician and a TV star and their instinctive marriage and about how their privacy was invaded and their sex tape was stolen by the contactor

Viral Sex Tape of Pam and Tommy: Release date

The romantic series will be released on 2nd of February on Hulu, Disney+star. The series consists of 8 long episodes and is directed by Craig Gillespie and produced by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, etc. This series is written by Robert D. Seigel. The couple got married in 1995, and it lasted for only 3 years. They had two children together before splitting in 1998. The were divorced after Lee was sentenced to six months jail for spousal battery.

Viral sex tape video of Pam and Tommy
Viral sex tape video of Pam and Tommy

Viral Sex Tape of Pam and Tommy: Spoilers

The story is about Pamela and Tommy’s love story. They got married after knowing each other for only 96 hours in 1995. When they were on their honeymoon in 1995, they made a sex tape which was later stolen from their house by a contractor and the video was uploaded online. This made the video viral.

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Major characters of this series

  • Lily James as Pamela Anderson
  • Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee
  • Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier
  • Nick Offerman as Uncle Miltie
  • Taylor Schilling as Erica Gauthier
Pam and Tommy
Pam and Tommy

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