Uzaki Chan Chapter 79: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Are you looking for the details about the Uzaki Chan online manga series? The series is an animated version that includes comedy, rom-com and drama and is written by Take. The ones who like watching it might be well aware of the controversy going on regarding the character.

If you really like romantic comedies then you should definitely go for this series. There are normally 12 episodes per season and the viewers have to wait for a longer time to look for a new season. This article will be about Uzaki Chan, it’s the storyline and the release of it’s a new chapter.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 79: Story Of Uzaki Chan

The story portrays Sakurai Shinichi as the main character. He is a senior in his high school and meets a girl named Uzaki Hana, who too is a student in the same school. Both of them become good friends and start hanging out with each other and having fun together. After spending some time together Hana realizes that Sakurai is a loner and likes to be with limited people. But with her attractive character, she captures his attention and he starts falling for her.

This is what happened in season one. The story has left people wondering what might happen next. Due to the increase in COVID cases, season II  the series has been delayed a lot of times.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 79: Date Of Release

The first season of Uzaki Chan has been very hit. Now the people are eagerly waiting for the new season to be released. The first season was amazing and came in September 2020. And now we have also received the information regarding the upcoming season. It has been revealed that season 2 will be aired in January or April 2022 but a particular date has yet not been announced. The fans will have to wait till more of the details are revealed.

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In anime series, we commonly see two different personalities in the form of a couple. Talking about romantic comedies, the concept of different-natured couples is accepted by a lot of people. One such series is Uzaki Chan. It has been liked by a lot of anime lovers and they are waiting for the release of it’s a new season. Animation has already tweeted that the series are about to be released in 2022, so hopefully, our fans do not have to wait much longer. 

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