Tom Brady’s Retirement: The Truth Unfolded Everything You Want to Know

Tom Brady’s Retirement rumors have come as a shock to the millions of fans of this legendary quarterback. This legendary footballer has played 22 unmatched seasons. The speculation began with the company managing the health and wellness Tom posting a tweet about Tom’s retirement. However soon this tweet was deleted. Later the Guardian reported that the rumors regarding Tom’s retirement are not true.

The Truth about Tom Brady’s Retirement

Tom Brady's Retirement

All these recent events have led to much confusion. Fans are confused about whether or not their favorite footballer is retiring. The truth about Tom Brady’s retirement is being speculated upon widely. The fact that the tweet was deleted points to some internal confusion between Tom and his team. Later, Tom’s Manager, Don Yee stated in a  tweet that fans shouldn’t believe these rumors.

He said that Tom is aware of the realities of the football world. He also wants to spend more time with his family. Thus, his fans should expect some announcement regarding his retirement soon. However, he assured Tom’s fans that whenever he retires, the announcement would be made  by Tom himself.

Tom Brady- The Legendary Footballer

Tom is 44 years old. He is currently playing as a quarterback for the Buccaneers. He joined the Buccaneers in 2020. Ever since then, the performance of this franchise which had not won a single playoff game in as many as 18 years has only grown better. Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl seven times. That is the most number of Super Bowls won by any single NFL player.

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Tom Brady's Retirement

With all these achievements, it remains no wonder that Tom Brady’s retirement, whenever it might be, would come as a shock for the entire NFL. The hardest-hit would obviously be the Buccaneers. They would have several hard questions confronting them. Finding a replacement for Tom Brady would perhaps be one of the most difficult challenges this franchise ever had to deal with.

But that is probably some other days’ worry. For now, we can sit back and relax. Our favorite player has not yet officially made the announcement and until he does we must make the most out of watching his last few games.

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