Man Arrested for Crashing Taylor Swift’s NYC Buiding

A man was arrested for crashing Taylor swift’s NYC building recently. According to NYPD he crashed a car in Taylor swifts’ apartment and was arrested within minutes.

The man’s name is Morgan mark. He is 31 years old is from Virginia and is currently now arrested. He was also taken to the hospital for valuation as a result he was found drunk, prior to being arrested.

On Thursday morning, the man was driving on the wrong way of Franklin street in the Tribeca neighborhood. He collided with the restroom on that street. The witnesses wasting no time called non-emergency services at 5 am in the morning on Thursday 27th January.

Not just Taylor but drunken man also tried to enter other buildings and apartments creating a lot of fuss. There was no clear information about his attorney. His phone number of Virginia listed as Mank is also disconnected.

According to the policeman was also not ready to leave until he meets Taylor. Though it is not confirmed if the singer was in her apartment at that time or not. However, a notice has been sent to her for commenting on this.

Taylor Swift is an incredible singer with multiple grammy award winners.  She has a solid fanbase, therefore, these kinds of incidents are not new to her. The singer has experienced a lot of crazy fams activity in the past few years.

She has met a lot of fans like this crazy man.  Stalkers stalk her not only at the Tribceaa home as well as homes she owns in California and Rhode Island.

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Now, there is no comments from Taylor’s side on the incident. However, in many interviews, she mentioned that “You get enough stalkers trying to break into your house and you kind of start prepping for bad things.” Which is the dark side of fame.

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