Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Cherry Blossom After Winter is a Manga composed by Bamwoo. This is a Japanese comic-style manga. It is not published weekly but within. It has a genre throwing shades of brotherhood along with school life. In no time, this manga gained popularity after 2017. So when is the Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148 is going to release?

Cherry Blossom After Winter Chapter 148: Highlights

Cherry blossom After Winter has an adult, drama romance, and school life genre. It has two major protagonists. They tend to live together due to uncertain things. Now the Story focuses on how their relationship evolves and the intensity of awkwardness between them.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148: Release Date 

Cherry Blossom Next Winter Chapter 148 epilogue 16 is yet to be released, dates are not out yet. However, we can expect it to be released within the first week of February 2022.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148

Cherry Blossom After Winter Chapter 148: Spoilers

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148 spoilers are yet to be released along with the English scans. It seems that the manga is on hold for a few days, after its last release of Chapter 147, epilogue 15.

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Where Can You Read the Manga Online? 

The manga is available in both text and viewers can stream it too. From scratch to chapter 147, it is available in muctau media. For online streaming, viewers can visit AniMixplay for ad-free binge-watching.

Cherry Blossoms after Winter Chapter 148

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Chapter 148: Major Characters 

Haebom’s parents lost their lives in an accident. Since then, Taesung and Haebom lives together. Living together for them is albeit a difficult task. Their teen emotions and the way to react to situations seemed opposite. They naturally drifted apart.

Seo Haebom is a kind person, he outlined himself as a burden to his new family. Hence, he tried to save himself as much as possible. Since Haebom is a  ‘suffer in silence’ kind of person, he was later on bullied and even blackmailed. Bad boys claimed they both were attracted and kissed each other. Jo Younghee is Taesung’s understanding friend.

Jo Taesung actually liked Haebom. He assumed his friends were bullying him in fun. When he encounters the actual notion, he defends Haebom. They eventually started dating. Taesung consider his mother, Ahjumma as his best friend.

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