Twitter, Instagram and Facebook May Discontinue After Deploring New Norms Set by Government of India

Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and other OTT platforms can be blocked if their companies deplore the new Intermediary guidelines framed by the Government of India. 

Back in February 2021, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave a time period of three months to all the social media platforms to concur with the new IT rules. And the time of three-month given by MEIT is ending on 25th May 2021. As we see Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram may face the consequence of deferred in accepting the new norms for the social platforms. 

What will happen if the social media companies neglect to comply with the regulation by Time?

legal actions will be taken on account of the social platforms companies who fail to inform or comply with the new rules on time. Because of that, they may lose their ownership and protection as intermediaries in the country.

Furthermore, criminal action will be charged for disobeying the laws of India. And to that, Koo; another version of Twitter is the one who responded to the new norms and the Facebook spokesperson said “We comply with the new provision stated by the Government of India on account of inappropriate content on platforms and Facebook will remain free to people’s views and opinions.”

So if Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook still not acknowledge the new norms set up by the MEIT, then legal action will be taken. 

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What is the Digital Ethics Code implied on social platforms by MEIT 2021?

Social media platforms have to appoint an officer from India. The officer who will supervise or monitor the content which sounds inappropriate.

And it will be ejected if it is objectionable; especially in case of any sexual content or disturbing post to women.

And also OTT platforms are asked to appoint a grievance redressal officer, will take action on the complaints within 15 days. 

Moreover, a new rule has been added to the OTT Platform to perform solely against any complaints which determine the code of Conduct set by the Government of India.  this is the first time, Government let a committee perform solely in taking action on complaints of the violation of Codes.

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