Prince Andrew Demands Court for Jury Trial: Know More

Prince Andrew The duke of York, Second son od Queen Elizabeth-II and his legal advice strongly opposing all the false allegations made against him regarding his close friendship with Ghislaine  Maxwell.

Are you confused?? About above statements alright for better understanding you must know the story in detail let’s have a look into it.

Prince Andrew Denies and Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret relationship and their court case in the burning topic in US.

Civil case was filed on Prince Andrew in US over the allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 17 at Maxwell’s own home.

Who filed the case against Prince Andrew?

Virginia Giuffre has taken legal action against Prince Andrew, claiming that he abused her in 2001.

Though Andrews legal Advisors and lawyers appealing the court to consider their claim as issue of consent by listing the number of reasons to her civil lawsuit has to be dismissed.

Proof of Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s friendship

Old photographs of prince Andrew in which his arm was around the Virginia Giuffre with Ghislaine Maxwell background presence is going viral and giving an Illusion of their friendship.

After seeing this viral photograph people around started believing that there might be some connections among them.

Elsewhere his lawyers saying that they don’t have enough information to backsplash its existence on the matter of the photograph. On the other hand, denying Ms. Virginia Giuffre s claim about the close friendship of Andrews with Ghislaine Maxwell.

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In this regard, his legal advisors writing to  US Court that Andrew hereby demands a trial by jury on all the causes of actions asserted in the complaint.

Lisa Bloom US lawyer who represents Ghislane maxwell accusers treated that their demand for Taily of Jury as “PR more” by adding that Ms Virginia Giuffre also asked for trial of jury.

Andrew said that he was ready to fight this case in US Court strongly rejecting all the petitions claimed on him even the infamous photograph of Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre are unproven. His lawyers that as being permanent resident  of Australia Ms Guiffre has any legal rights to bring this case.

They are also showing proof of settlement agreement made in 2009 between Giuffre and Epstein who is a long time associate of Prince Andrew. Other side Virginia Giuffre legal team looking forward to confront Andrew with his false

The arguments between these two is moving fast and furious let’s see how many twists we are going to see in this case.

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