Who is Laila Bullock? Sandra Bullock’s Daughter, Everything About Her You Need to Know

Who is Laila Bullock: Oscar winner, 51 year old actress Sandra Bullock claims that being a parent makes her more proud than any other thing. She is a mother of two kids, Laila Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock. Laila Bullock is Sandra Bullock’s adopted daughter. She had adopted Laila when she was 3 and half years old who was little girl from Louisiana been in foster care.

Recently in May 2020, on Mother’s Day during Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, 8 year old Laila appeared and provided the views with a sweet little surprise.

Who is Laila Bullock: All about Laila

Sandra Bullock completed her family with her dear daughter Laila. She was adopted at a very young age in 2015. The world didn’t know about Laila until recently in 2020. Sandra’s son Louis and she herself shields the youngest kid Laila from the Hollywood superstardom and fame. As Laila showed up recently there’s nothing much to tell about her.

Laila’s first video appearance was very rare and happened last year in May 2020. Laila Bullock happened to join her mother on Red Table talk for a virtual chat on Mother’s day. During that video chat Laila appeared on screen for the first time ever and thanked frontline workers fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

Witnessing her empathy for the frontline workers Sandra bullock was overwhelmed. Seeing her daughter’s sweet message she praised her daughter for being “the one who who’s going to save the world from her family. The actress admired her daughter saying “She’s our world’s superhero.” Sandra also added,” She is ready to join the nurses out there in a few years!”

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Who is Laila Bullock

Laila and Louis are the most polite and well behaved children as the sources claim. This is all because of their mother Sandra Bullock who is raising her kids this way. The children don’t behave like famous Hollywood star kids even a bit. This happened both Louis and Laila know their mother as ‘mommy’ and not award winning actress Sandra Bullock. Though she is an accomplished actress she always has prioritised her kids more than anything else in the world.

The actress chose to keep both her kids life private away from media and the social media life. Along with this she claims that bringing both her children in her life, via adoption, has changed her life completely.

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