To Your Eternity Chapter 155: Release Date and Read Manga Online

To Your Eternity Chapter 155 is to be released in 6 days at the time of writing this article. The fans of this epic series are eagerly waiting for this next chapter. This is  Yoshitoki Oima’s second series for the Weekly Shonen Magazine of Japan. Her first series was “A Silent Voice”.

To Your Eternity Chapter 155: What’s the Series About.

To Your Eternity Chapter 155 will take this Epic series towards further glory. The story begins with a divine and mysterious stone falling on the Earth. This stone talks the form of a wolf that it touches. Soon this wolf is taken care of by a young boy called Johan. However, soon this boy dies. Before dying he asks the wolf to remember him forever by taking his form. The wolf is then adopted by a village woman named March. She names him Fushi.

Before she met Fushi, March had to escape her village. This was to save herself from being offered as a sacrifice the the God of Bears. After teaching Fushi how to live like a human, March leaves for the village again. She was afraid that if not for her some other girl would be offered as a sacrifice. Fushi saves her by killing the bear. This series revolves around Fushi and his journeys. They fall into various traps. They teach us that how with courage and determination even the hardest hurdles can be overcome.

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To Your Eternity Chapter 155

To Your Eternity Chapter 155: Popularity

This series is immensely popular across the world. It is the perfect blend of adventure, mystery love and thrill.  The love for this series is unprecedented. It is read by not only Japanese but by audiences from across the world.

To Your Eternity Chapter 155

It inspired several television series and games. Every chapter of this series is eagerly awaited by its fans.  It is read by people in hard as well as soft copies. We would advise our readers to read this series online. This is because this way it would be cheaper. Also, there is infinite material available online.

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