Neil Young Being Removed From Spotify: Know Why

Neil young was removed from Spotify for giving an ultimatum to Joe Rogan for his podcast. To songwriter has accused Spotify for spreading misinformation among the public for covid -19 vaccinations.

Neil young’s accusation

Neil Young had about 2.4 million followers on Spotify. He also has six million monthly subscribers. On the other hand, Rogan has a multilayer exclusive deal with Spotify.

Neil young being remove dfrom spotify

According to Neil , Joe Rogan is spreading misinformation about covid -19 vaccine.  He is discouraging youth and people to not to take them.  This is creating panic among citizens that death cases are increasing because of vaccine infection.Young also accused spotify and says it had a great hand in spreading misinformation during the whole pandemic.

Neil being angry and disappointed

Being angry and disappointed with all this young wrote a letter to Spotify. Letter’s subject was to remove Rogan from the podcast. He even put a condition that he will resign if the matter is not resolved.

Neil said, ” Spotify can either have Rogan or Young”.  Spotify had to choose between them.  So, apparently, they decided to keep Rogan. As a result young is being removed from Spotify.

spotify’s response

However, Spotify spokesperson declared no grudges against him. He said they will be happy to get Neil back whenever he decides to.

Neil young being removed from spotify
Spotify’s spokesperson

There was no comment with Rogan’s side . Many celebrities also supported Young for taking this big step. However public is not quite happy with spotify’s decision . Previously some scientists and researchers have also complained against Rogan’s podcast .

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We know that Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service provider, with over 381 million monthly active users, including 172 million paying subscribers, as of September 2021. Hence, we cannot also say that it is compromising on something. It has incredible fan following.

Lets see if soptify regrets this decision in future or Neil does.

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