4 Movies You Can Watch if You are Interested in Intense Storytelling:

Movies are a fun way to divert your mind from this reality into the shoes of a character. A movie either can be entertaining and can be enjoyed with the whole family. But there are other movies that are brave enough to be on-screen and are so intense that you will need a cup of coffee after watching it. We are talking about the later one. So, let’s start with the list.


This is one of Martin Scorsese’s masterpieces. This movie will break you into a million pieces in its ending and you are left with nothing but a void of a puzzle that has been solved at the end of the movie. It’s about two detectives on an Island trying to break through a case.


Have you know of Stanley Kubrick. One of the masters of filmmaking. He is behind some great movies like Path of Glory, Full metal jacket, 2001 space odyssey, and many more. This movie is like an onion with so many layers and you need to go through every layer to go to the care. This movie is complex and disturbing. The movie shows you the events of a secret society.  And a difficult relationship between a couple.


A movie with deals with the corruption of our society. It challenges its morals and philosophies. This is a child of Bong Joon-ho, a director which is quite famous among niche filmgoers. This movie also won the best picture in the Academy Awards. The movie is a satire at its core. It also breaks your three-stage conventional cinema pattern. Give it a watch.

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This movie was made under the direction of Lee Toland Krieger. The story is simply about a woman who because of an accident lost control over her age. She can’t age and it’s sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrific. She has seen enough and it also shows the loneliness of a human captured and rolled under a beautiful story. And the acting is also flawless and beautiful.

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