After America China Successfully Lands On The Surface Of The Red Planet.

After several countries unsuccessful trials and landing on the surface of the Red planet China mastered the art after America. on Saturday China’s six wheeled Zhurong robot with the help of protective capsule, a recent platform to make the descent the and a parachute made a successful landing on Northern hemisphere of Mars. It made the landing targeting the utopia planitia which is a vast terrain on its northern hemisphere.

China’s Zhurong Robot Make A Successful Landing.

This is huge achievement looking at the nature of the task. America has mastered the art after several other countries who either crashed or have lost the contact upon reaching.

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated the team on successfully completing the mission calling it a “Outstanding achievement” He further said…

“You were brave enough for the challenge, pursued excellence, and placed our country in the advanced ranks of planetary exploration,”

Tomas Zurbuchen the head of science at the US space agency too added his own congratulations.

“Together with the global science community, I look forward to the important contributions this mission will make humanity understanding of the Red Planet,”

The robot landed on the planet after 7:00 on Saturday and took 17 minutes, to unfold the solar panels and to send a signal back to the Earth. Zhurong which means God of Fire in English landed the red planet on the Tianwen -1 orbiter on February. It then remained on the planet examining Utopia, it also took high-resolution images if the surface in order to discover the safest surface for the robot to make a safe landing.

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The distance of Mars from earth is 320 million km and takes almost 18 minutes for a radio message to reach on earth. For the initial phase of nine minutes, the rover was encased in an aeroshell. It then dive to the surface slowly by pushing against the Martian air. The heat generated in this process was handled by a forward-facing shield. In order to reduce the further velocity a parachute opened on a predetermined time.

Landing on mars has been always a difficult task but China had confidence it’s a technology and which resulted in the safe landing of the robot.

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