6 New K-Pop Groups You should know about!

6 New K-Pop Groups With Kpop Industry ruling over the world in these recent years, there is significantly more rivalry inside South Korea’s pop industry with a group debuting each and every other week these days!

The fourth-age Kpop groups incorporate groups like Stray Kids, ITZY, ATEEZ, and TXT, which have effectively made a huge progress across the globe. They’ve been joined by more gifted newbie icons trying to make their own imprint in this universe of music.

So here are the 6 New K-Pop Groups you need to tune in to this moment.

6 New K-Pop Groups

1. StayC

They were an instant hit, and their single, Staydom, made them the youth female kpop bunch with the most elevated first-week deals of 2020 to 2021. Tune in to their hit single ASAP!


2. P1Harmony

P1Harmony’s subsequent single, “Scared,” shows their more prominent potential with their crashing metallic catch, they pass on an astonishing development with their extraordinary single. Their latest single, Disharmony: Break Out, is one finish to the next friendly insights, and an outright need for the people who like their K-pop enthusiastic, high-energy!


3. Aespa

Aespa is SM Entertainment’s first new Kpop rookie group since 2014 and got a huge amount of attention with their single, “Dark Mamba” (2020), the song has reached up to 141 million views in only five months.



They were formed through the endurance show I-Land, a joint collab between K-pop Biggie Big Hit (as of now Hybe) and CJ E&M, ENHYPEN collected a tremendous fanbase before their First EP, Border: Day One. Their recent album Border: Carnival appeared an astonishing 400,000 pre-orders showing their most noteworthy strength. Their new single “Drunk Dazed,” with its flighty vibe can hook you to watch it over and over again!

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5. Purple Kiss

Their Two warm-up singles—2020’s My Heart Skip A Beat and R&B-fly of “Would we have the option to Talk Again” (2021)— displayed the gathering’s tremendous potential. Purple Kiss’s essence can be felt even through a PC screen, you might be likely taking a gander at the following enormous thing.


6. Weeekly

Weeekly’s 2020 new single “Name Me (@Me),” with its lovableness and cuteness has conveyed three EPs (2020’s We Can and We Are, and 2021’s We Play) that emanated a great deal of merry energy, particularly on B-sides “Top Secret,” “Butterfly” and “Fortunate.”


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