Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Episode 9: Release Date and Watch Online

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Episode 9 release date is December 4, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes to release soon.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale is a historical fiction-related drama series that revolves around love and romance. The series is originated in Japan, in form of manga, which has been serialized for many years. There are more than 5 volumes that have been released.

Sana Kirioka is the writer of the manga series. The manga publication developed a huge fanbase, all around the world, and because of this, the series received an anime adaptation. Jun Hatori is the director of the anime television series.

Everything you need to know

The main protagonist of the series is Tamahiko Shima. He is a heritance of a popular dynasty. His family is reputed and because of this, he has responsibilities on his shoulder.

However, because of an unfortunate accident that happened while he was driving, he lost his right arm to paralysis. Now he is of no use to his dynasty because of his hand. Everyone wished that he was dead, but they can’t kill him now.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Episode 9

It is therefore decided, Tamahiko Shima will be sent to a place far from all this to live. He will grow old and die and nobody had to worry about him anymore. There he meets a girl named Yuzu.

They fall for each other, and despite everything, Yuzu took care of Shima. He was blessed to have her in his life, but his family continued to put a hindrance in his path of happiness. So he decided to go someplace else, with a different name, and live in peace.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Episode 9 Release Date

The Release date for the 9th episode is December 4, 2021. We all are excited about what is going to happen further in the series.

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Where to watch?

You can stream it on Funimation.

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