Top 5 Facts About Sy Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz Father

If you love listening to famous songs, you must have come across the name Lenny Kravitz. But do you know about Sy Kravitz or his appreciable works?

Who is Sy Kravitz?

Seymour Kravitz was a popular personality in his young days. He was born on December 10, 1924. Being raised in a city that never sleeps, New York, he always dreamed of doing something big in his career. However, being a member of the Kravitz family, everyone expected him to be an actor. But, he became known for the films and shows he produced. He was never into acting and always wanted to be a producer.

Sy Kravitz Love Life

Sy Kravitz‘s love life wasn’t as successful as his career. At the age of 24, he tied knots with Erica. They also had two kids together, and they raised them together. However, this marriage didn’t last for a long time, and they ended up getting divorced after 7 years of togetherness. After 8 years, he married the popular celebrity Roxie Roker who is known for her role in many popular movies. But they also got divorced after a few years.

Sy Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz and Sy Kravitz Relationship

Lenny Kravitz was born to Sy Kravitz and Roxie Roker in New York in the year 1964. The Father and Son didn’t share good bonds. Lenny always complained that his father was not there for him in his big moments. They were even on no speaking terms for a few times when Lenny found out about his Father’s affair. The couple raised him together, and he later became popular for his singing talents and songwriting abilities.

What did Sy Kravitz study?

He acquired a degree in Bachelor of Arts and graduated from his University in the year 1946.

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What is Sy Kravitz Net worth?

The exact amount cannot be estimated at a moment. But as we know he was a Tv producer and was quite famous during his time, we can assume that his annual income could be more than $1 million.

Sy Kravitz

Unknown facts about Sy Kravitz

  • Officer in the Military He was not only a Tv producer but he also fought a Korean War and served as a Military officer for his country. It was before he began his career as a Tv producer. Fascinating, isn’t it?
  • He lost his brother He was not close to many people in his lifetime. This may be because of the brother he lost when he was young. His brother died bravely while fighting for his nation. However, he never got out of the pain of losing his brother which affected his future relationship.
  • Disappointed with their career It is a rumor that he wasn’t really happy with how he led his life. He was insecure from his son Lenny Kravitz and wife Roxie because of how their career was reaching great heights while he was just a TV producer.

  • Caught Leukemia Sy Kravitz lived a good life. However, at the age of 80, he died because of Leukemia. He is no more alive and fans still miss him for so many beautiful reasons.
  • Apologized to Lenny It was revealed that while Sy Kravitz was dealing with Leukemia on his last few days, his son Lenny was there for him and helped him get through it. We came to know that Sy was sorry for not being a good father to Lenny. Lenny’s eyes were filled with tears after seeing Sy Kravitz’s condition and helplessness.
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That’s everything we know about the life of Sy Kravitz. No matter what people say, we all know how great his life was. He even got a documentary film of his own life after his death.

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