Want Better Security and Privacy? Here Are Some Alternatives to Google Drive, Read More

Some Alternatives to Google Drive for storing their information and documents in quite an era of fading digital security and rising corporate monitoring.

If choosing a decent Google Drive substitute hasn’t been a major goal, there’s another platform worth switching if you want to completely reinstate your security. You will have better control over your information if you choose a dependable & trustworthy alternative for Google Drive. You’ll even be backing some fantastic privacy-oriented firms while avoiding surveillance capitalism as it is the need of the hour.

Some Alternatives to Google Drive

The following are a few safe cloud services that can serve as Google Drive alternatives while still keeping your information confidential.

1. Tresorit

Today, we recommend Tresorit as the finest alternative to Google Drive. It provides a comprehensive collection of functions that may be beneficial to both individuals and enterprises. Users are also offered end-to-end reliable encryption, which guarantees that their data remains completely safe & secure.

Some Alternatives to Google Drive

Tresorit was also audited to ensure that it lives up to its claims. EY in its 2019 survey, evaluated it as an efficient service.

2. NordLocker

In comparison to various Google Drive alternatives we’ve looked at, NordLocker is rather simplistic. This is due to the fact that it is essentially a data encryption system having cloud storage features.

Some Alternatives to Google Drive

If you require the highest level of protection for your data storage, choose NordLocker for personal & professional usage. It also offers its very own cloud security storage for lockers and these lockers are indeed compatible with other cloud services.

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3. Nextcloud

A free open-source client-server software package, Nextcloud is employed to develop and administer document hosting services. It will function as a safe cloud storage platform for people, a completely identical alternative for Google Drive in the workplace.


People having the necessary technical skills can operate Nextcloud on their personal servers, which allows for a really safe setup. They can even operate Nextcloud via a third-party service provider to avoid the hassles of installation and configuration. Nextcloud is extremely adaptable and flexible.

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