Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 69: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 69 is scheduled to release on November 9, 2021. Fans are excited for the upcoming chapter.

Max Level Hero Has Returned is a Korean manga written by Devil Tail. It is illustrated by Yoo Doe. The manhwa is being published by Golem Factory since 2018. They come under the genres of fantasy, action, adventure, and shonen. They are updated once a week on Tuesdays.


The plot of Max Level Hero Has Returned

This story is about Prince Davey O’Rowane, a powerless prince of an insignificant country. One day he’s attacked by an enemy and he’s hit by their arrow. He goes into a state of comatose. After that, his soul escapes to the Honourable Hall of Heroes. It’s a temple where the souls of excellent heroes are gathered. In that dimension he trains for a thousand years, he strengthens his soul and body.

After 1000 years of intensive training, Davey returns to his country as the Max-level Hero. With his return begins his revenge on his enemies, who’re hiding inside his royal court. He no longer remains the naive and weak prince. He fights for justice and now he’s able to protect his country with the power he’s been blessed with.

In the previous chapters, we are able to so many glimpses of his power. When Winley is kidnapped, Davey goes to her rescue. He defeats every enemy on his way. He uses lots of martial art techniques such as the Dual Blade, Air Burst, and Demon King Yugre Destruction Punch. He faces Ulysee, his major enemy in the series. He manages to defeat Captain Cleo, an accomplice of Ulysse.

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Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 69: Release Date

Max Level Hero Has Returned updated chapters every week. It’s uploaded on Tuesdays. Chapter 69 will be released on 9th November.

Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 69Read Manga Online

The manhwa is available to read on ManhwaBookShelf.com and Tapios.io.

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