Dr Stone Chapter 217: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Dr Stone Chapter 217 is going to release on Sunday, November 07, 2021. With the launch date just a little over a week away.

Dr. Stone is a famous Japanese manga comic written by the extremely skilled Riichiro Inagaki. A very renowned South Korean artist Boichi is credited with the beautiful illustration of the comic. Dr. Stone was launched on March 6, 2017, for the very first time.

Dr Stone Chapter 217

Today, it has a significant fan base not only in Japan but all over the world. It has especially managed to grab the attention of readers who are avid fans of the Sci-fi genre. With several charismatic characters, an engaging narrative, and top-notch dialogues, this manga is a visual delight for all.

About the Plot

The storyline of Dr. Stone commences with a catastrophe that transforms all of mankind into a rock or stone. As Senku Ishigami, a youthful prodigy, awakens from a coma almost three thousand and seven hundred years later, he puts his bright brain to plan, how to not only resurrect the entire humankind but also to recreate innovation as well as a society from the bottom up.

Dr Stone Chapter 217

This popular comic was made into a televised anime series two years back in 2019. The anime was then renewed for a second season which was launched this year.

Dr. Stone Chapter 217 Release Date

The fans of the comic have been avidly anticipating its launch with bated breath. Amidst all this excitement, the creators have finally announced the confirmed release date for the next chapter of Dr. Stone. The upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone, Chapter 217, is all set to release next week on Sunday, November 07, 2021.

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Where to Read

Dr. Stone Chapter 217 can be read on several different platforms. Those comprise the official website of the manga, Manga Plus, as well as Viz Media. One of the best things about the comic is that its chapters can also be accessed on the Google Play Store and the App Store by Android and iPhone customers.

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