Blue Period Chapter 51: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Blue Period Chapter 51 will be released very soon. Fans are looking forward to the upcoming chapters of the manga.

Blue Period is a famous coming-of-age manga. Tsubasa Yamaguchi has written and illustrated this Japanese series. It’s been published in the Monthly Afternoon magazine since June 2017. There are currently eleven volumes to this series. The anime adaptation of this manga is directed by Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano.


The plot of the Blue Period

Yatora Yaguchi is just a second-year high school student. But he stands out for his popularity and excellence in his studies. Even though he has what most high school students could only dream of, Yaguchi still feels a void in him. The ordinary life bores him. And that makes him envy people who are interesting or can do things differently. He suffers in monotony until one day he discovers the joy of painting. His black and white life turns colorful.

One day he comes across a painting at his high school art club and he’s mesmerized by its colors. That drawing inspires him to try his hand at painting. With a little more inspiration from his friend Ryuji Ayukawa, he joins their school’s art club. Soon he gets deep into the world of painting so he wishes to apply for the Tokyo University of the Arts. Another incident pushes him further down this path. One day, he does an art exercise where he conveys his emotions through painting instead of words.

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Yaguchi decides to professionally learn art. It isn’t as simple as it seems because his parents aren’t sure about his career choice. He also has to step up to the level of more experienced peers. Furthermore, the subject exceeds his expectations and he has to work harder than he initially planned to.

Blue Period Chapter 51: Release Date

Blue Period Chapter 51 release date hasn’t been officially announced yet. We can expect the Blue Period Chapter 51 to release soon.

Blue Period Chapter 51Read Manga Online

The manga can be read on VizMedia and MangaPlus. The animation is available on Netflix.

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