Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 350: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 350 is to be released by November 2021. Fans are eagerly looking forward to the next episode.

Tales of demons and gods is a fantasy Chinese manga written by Mad Snail. The series is published by Qidian. The ongoing light novel and manga have also been adapted as animation. The anime closely follows the storyline of the novel and is updated twice a week. The episodes are as short as 7 minutes. Currently, the anime is running its 5th season.


The plot of the manga

Nie Li, the protagonist of this novel is the strongest among Demon Spirits. But he loses his life in a battle with a Sage Emperor, who’s a six deity ranked beast. From the top of the martial world, he’s fallen to a being with low cultivation. His soul is reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. He’s the lowest among his peers but he become the fastest cultivator. He becomes stronger to protect his city which was destroyed by the beasts in his previous life.

Nie Li is given a second chance at life. The chance to right the wrongs, to save his loved ones and his city. A chance to avenge his death by fighting the Sage Emperor again. He’s guided by his vast knowledge and wisdom accumulated in his previous life. Although he starts as the weakest, he will soon ascend the path to be the strongest. Once again, he masters his techniques and wields the strongest demonic spirits.

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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 350 Release Date

The manhwa is usually updated about every 35 days and the anime is released weekly twice. Chapter 350 will be available for readers by November 2021. The wait might be a little long but so worth the read!

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 350

Read manga online

It is available on INKR comics, wuxia world, and many other manga sites. The animation is officially available on Bilibili.

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