Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 9: Release Date and Watch Online

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 9 will be released on 20 October 2021 at 9.30 pm KST on KBS2. Fans are excited about the release.

Dali And The Cocky Prince is an ongoing South Korean television drama series. It is based on romantic-comedy-drama which is directed by Lee Jung-Sub and written by Son Eun-Hye, Park Se-Eun. The relationship of a hardworking man who lacks professional education yet has unexpected knowledge and an intelligent and talented clumsy daughter of an elite family.

Plot Of The Dali and Cocky Prince

Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae) is the second son from a family that runs the global restaurant franchise firm Dondon F&B. The company started from a gamjatang (pork bone stew) restaurant. He lacks education, but has an excellent ability to make money. Meanwhile, Kim Da-Li (Park Gyu-Young) is a visiting researcher of an art gallery. She is the only child of a prestigious family. Kim Da-Li can speak 7 different languages and she has a good personality, but she is not very good at doing household chores like cooking.

Jin Moo-Hak and Kim Da-Li happen to meet without knowing about each other’s backgrounds and they develop good feelings for each other. Due to an art gallery that is going bankrupt, they meet again as the son of a rich, uneducated family and the daughter of a prestigious family.

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 9 Release Date And More

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 is going to be released on 20 October 2021. The time of the release is 9:30 pm KST on KBS2. Every new episode will premiere on Wednesday and Thursday. The show runtime is 70 minutes. Finally, the love which was started in the first episode is flourishing. They both become closer in the last episode. The show consists of 16 episodes, the drama is completed by the half journey of two protagonists. The IMDb rating is 8.7/10 and It is a top-rank show in K-Drama.

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Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 9

Where To Watch

It is streaming on a South Korean online platform called Wavve. As for international viewers, Dali and Cocky Prince Korean drama are available on Viki and Kocowa with English Subtitles.

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