Revival Man Chapter 152: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Revival Man Chapter 152 is expected to release soon. Fans are excited to read the latest chapters of this manga series.

Revival man is a South Korean action series written by Chae Yong Taek and illustrated by Kim Jae-Han. It is published by Naver Webtoon. The series is also known as Reawaken Man. It is available in Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian language.

The series is available in English on Webtoon. As of October 2021, it has 150k subscribers and is rated 9.46/10 stars on webtoon.


About Revival Man

The story takes place in South Korea. It revolves around Suk Hwan, an unemployed man in his mid 20’s. He is impulsive and quick to act. Due to his impulsive nature, he has lost many jobs. He does not even hesitate to use violence when angered. Suk Hwan had failed his university entrance exam intentionally. He had shown his middle finger during a job interview.

Suk Hawn can’t tolerate injustice. When a pair of men targets his next-door neighbor Yerin, he protects her at the cost of his life. Suk Hwan has a special power to revive 3 days after his death. He wakes up three days after his death. Now, he has found his new abilities. He wants to save Yerin and also wants to take revenge for his death. Suk Hawn gets involved in a bigger plot beyond his imagination.

Revival Man Chapter 152

Suk Hawn thinks his ability to revive after death is a curse because every time he is revived, someone close to him dies. Later, he finds out it’s not true. It’s just a trick to make him suffer. Suk Hwan is very protective of his close people. He can do anything to protect them. He can also become a superhuman for a limited time, just before his death.

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Revival Man Chapter 152 Release Date

The release date of chapter 152 is not yet confirmed. It is expected to release soon. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapters of this manga series.

Where to Read Online

You can read Revival Man online on the Webtoon website and app.

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