Reminiscence Adonis Chapter 189: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Reminiscence Adonis Chapter 189 has been released on July 22, 2021. Fans are excited to read the latest chapters of this manga.

Reminiscence Adonis is an action-fantasy webcomic series created by Team Adonis, KEISHO, and Gudang. It is based on Hye-Dol’s novel series of the same name. It is translated by Christine Han. The series is also known as Adonis. It is available on the Tapas website and app.

About Reminiscence Adonis

Inna Roberstein and Arhad Roygen are the main characters of the story. In their previous life, they had many similarities and one difference. They both were emotionless and madly obsessed with each other. The only difference between them was one wanted the other’s affection, and the other wanted submission. Inna only had feelings for Arhad, whom she wanted to defeat in battle. In her previous life, she died in a battle against Arhad.

She is reincarnated into the same life for some unknown reason. Now, Inna and Arhad have a chance to meet again. They are students at Valgenta Academy. Arhad is very possessive and cares about Inna a lot. In this life, Inna dedicates her entire life to becoming Arhad’s Knight.

Reminiscence Adonis Chapter 189

Inna is a strong female protagonist. When she was about to die in her previous life, she didn’t regret anything. She even made a confession followed by a promise. Even if Arhad is her enemy, she can’t hate him truly. She doesn’t want to remain his enemy forever. She promised to become Arhad’s Knight in her next life. Will history repeat itself, or they will be able to change their tragic fate.

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Reminiscence Adonis Chapter 189 Release Date

It has been released on July 22, 2021, on Tapas. The chapter is titled “We Fight Only Black Fox.” Tapas has released 199 chapters of this series. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapters. The creators of the series are on a break right now, they promised to come back more energized and refreshed than ever before.

Where to Read Online

You can read Reminiscence Adonis Chapter 189 online on the Tapas website and app.

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