Red Shoes’ Episode 70: Release Date, Spoiler & More

Red Shoes’ Episode 70 will release on 27th October. Fans are very much excited to watch the upcoming episode of Red Shoes.

Red Shoes is a South Korean tv collection starring Choi Myung-Gil, So Yi-Hyun, and Park Yoon-Jae. The collection, directed via way of means of Park Gi-Hyeon and written via way of means of Hwang Soon-young, tells the tale of a daughter who seeks to take revenge on her heartless mother, who left her father and brother on the lookout for love and success. The everyday drama premiered on KBS2 and airs on each weekday at 19:50 (KST).



The collection revolves around Kim Jem-ma (So Yi-Hyun), a daughter who has a sturdy preference to take revenge on her heartless mother, who left her father and brother on the lookout for love and success.

Red Shoes’ Episode 70

Choi Myung-gil portrays Min Hee-Kyong, Kim Jem-ma’s cold-hearted mother, who abandons her own circle of relatives after reuniting together along with her first love. Kim Jem-ma seeks to discover the secrets and techniques associated with and to avenge her father’s death. Yoon Gi-Seok (portrayed through Park Yoon-Jae) does now no longer accepted as true within love because of his wife’s betrayal, however, falls in love with Kim Jem-ma. Yoon Hyeon-Seok (Shin Jung-Yoon) is Yoon Gi-Seok’s more youthful brother, with a loose soul and defiant charm.

The name of the collection as defined by the author Hwang Soon-young: “The day the primary person lady become kicked out of her residence through her husband, she comes out sporting the ‘purple shoes’ that a person withinside the beyond gave her. And the closing present she left for her daughter is a necklace of purple shoe accessories. If the ‘purple shoes’ are ‘preference’ for the mother, it becomes ‘revenge’ for the daughter.

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The upcoming episodes of Red Shoes will decide who could be the winner of this race. A lot of enthusiasts are hoping that Kwon Hye Bin and Kim Gem Ma will be a part of hands. If the 2 of them get together, then exposing and punishing Min-Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang could be a bit of cake. On the opposite hand, if Yoon Hyun Seok is sensible enough, he’s going to recognize that Kim Gem Ma does now no longer loves him.

Red Shoes’ Episode 70

Not most effective has she now no longer reciprocated his confession, however, she additionally appears disenchanted whilst he discusses marriage. Although Min-Hee Kyung is heartbroken seeing Hwon Hye Bin in pain, she has now no longer performed much. If she wishes her daughter’s happiness, she needs to beg Kim Gem Ma for forgiveness and go away Kwon Hyuk Sang. Hopefully, Red Shoes Episode 70 will make enthusiasts happy.

Red Shoes’ Episode 70: Release Date

Red Shoes’ Episode 70

Red Shoes Episode 70 will be released on 27th October.

Where to watch?

The daily drama premiered on KBS2 and airs on every weekday at 19:50.

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