Blue Period Episode 4: Release Date, Spoiler, Watch Online

Blue Period Episode 4 will be released on October 15, 2021. Fans are excited and eagerly waiting for the release of the next episode.

Blue Period is one of the most popular Japanese Anime Television Series which was first released on October 2, 2021. Blue Period is written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. The series became popular after the release of the first few episodes.

The series has been serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Afternoon since June 2017 and has been a part of eleven tankobon volumes as of September 2021. The series is licensed in English by Kodansha USA. And Anime adaptation series for the same was premiered in October 2021 by Seven Arcs. The anime version is licensed by Netflix.

The title of Blue Period Episode 4 is “Where will we go”.



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The plot of the Blue Period

The protagonist of the anime is a popular school student named Yatora Yaguchi. He is brilliant in school but often deals with inner emptiness and self-satisfaction, he stays frustrated all the time. One day he was impressed at a painting from the high school art gallery and it deeply inspired him to put his hands in painting. Later he joined the art club after his friend named Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa inspired him to join. He became passionate about painting and attempted to apply for the Tokyo University of the Arts as his choice of college.

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Spoiler of Blue Period Episode 4

By the title itself, we can expect this episode will focus on which university Yatora and Yuka will enroll themselves. Blue Period Episode 4 will continue with the two friends, Yatora and Yuka helping each other with art. This episodic will continue with the artistic journey of the two friends and help each other to become a better version of themselves. They will try to mix up with the other students of the new school before they lead to university. In Episode 4, they will finally get into a university to get higher studies in arts.

Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date

It will be released on October 15, 2021. Fans are excited to know more about Yatora and Yuka’s artistic journey.

Blue Period Episode 4

Where to watch Manga Online

You can watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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