Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4: Release Date and Watch Online

Komi can’t Communicate Episode 4 will be released on 27 October 2021. Fans are excited and eagerly waiting for its release.

Komi Can’t communicate is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. It has been published in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday since May 2016. The first volume was published in September 2016, the series has been licensed to publish in North America by Viz Media. A live-action television drama version was premiered in 2021 for the same. Twenty-three volumes were released as of 18 October 2021.

About Komi Can’t Communicate

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• Plot of Komi Can’t Communicate

• Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4 Release Date

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The plot of Komi Can’t Communicate

The protagonist of the manga is Shouko Komi. It’s her first day of school at the prestigious Ian Private High School and she has already gained the status of the school’s Madonna. She has long black hair and a tall figure, her beautiful appearance captures everyone’s attention who comes across her. Despite her beauty and popularity, she has a serious problem, she lacks basic communication skills, she is unable to talk and express herself.

Another character, named Hirohito Tadana who is an average high school boy has a motto in life, to stay away from trouble. He sits next to Shouko and everyone in the class started hating him for this. One day shoujo makes a meow sound and he acts like he has heard nothing, causing Shouko to run away but he quickly summed up that Shouko has no friends and tried to help her to make a hundred friends so that she can overcome her communication disorder.

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Agari wants to befriend Komi but is shy to say since she feels Komi is pretty and she cannot be friends with her. Osana and Tadana are thinking of what could happen when Agari would say Shouko to be her friend. Osana advises Tadana and Komi on how to get more friends and for the first time, Shouko and Tadana spoke.

Komi can’t Communicate Episode 4

Komi can’t Communicate Episode 4 Release Date

Komi can’t Communicate Episode 4 will be released on 27 October 2021. The release may depend on your geographical location. Some are listed below

Pacific Time: 8.00 AM PT

Central Time: 10.00 AM CT

Eastern Time: 11.00 AM EST

British Time: 4.00 PM BST

Where to watch Manga Online

You can watch Komi Can’t Communicate on Netflix and Funimation on Thursday at midnight JST.

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