Dragon Quest Episode 55: Release Date and Watch Online

Dragon Quest Episode 55 is going to release next week on Saturday, October 30, 2021. This new update has elated all the fans of the show.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a one-of-a-kind anime series that definitely is a must-watch for die-hard anime fans. It has a classic and timeless plot with fascinating and well-developed character arcs. It functions as a learning opportunity for a majority of the shonen that arrived afterward, capturing all that charm as well as cadence which the narratives of the franchise’s videogames had.

Kazuya Karasawa has directed the anime series and Katsuhiko Chiba serves as the writer. The music has been composed by the very talented Yuki Hayashi. Lastly, Toei Animation is credited with producing the show. All the abovementioned people deserve appreciation for making such an intriguing show.

About the Plot

A good while ago, there lived a brave warrior popularly called ‘the hero’. There also existed a monster who gave people a lot of pain. Hero with his comrades emerged to confront the monster into combat, and even the war was won quickly by uniting all forces. After this incident, there was no one to stir up strife and the island turned into a peaceful haven where everybody could coexist in tranquility.

Dragon Quest Episode 55 

The devil is resurrected many years later. Dai, the contemporary lead, resides on a deserted island in the southernmost waters and aspires to become a heroic figure. As Dai learns of the monster’s resurrection, he with his allies decides to finish him and the terrible spirit that brought him back to life. All along his adventure, Dai learns the origins of the hero, the reality behind the oppressive evil power that resurrected the monster, and his personal latent capabilities that manifest when Dai is in danger.

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Dragon Quest Episode 55 Release Date

The upcoming episode of Dragon Quest, episode 55, is all set to release next week on October 30, 2021. The fans are extremely excited and avidly awaiting the release date.

Where to Watch

There are a host of online platforms where you can catch the all-new episodes of Dragon Quest. These include VRV, Crunchyroll, as well as Hulu.

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